Hi, this is Abantika

If my name, or the name of the blog hasn’t given it away already, I am a bong, born and brought up in Kolkata. I now stay in Mumbai. I have a full-time job and yet thought of starting this blog, mainly because of my love for food.

I have always loved trying out new cuisine. Though, I was never really interested in cooking. My mum’s a great cook when it comes to Bengali food. And the desire to try out new cuisines were met by eating out mostly. I did start baking and that was my first endeavor and I really enjoyed whatever little I did.

My relatives were legit concerned for me that after marriage I am going to suffer a lot because of my lack of interest in cooking.

Then I got married in 2016 and moved to Delhi. That’s when I started taking an interest in cooking as the cook I had back then had this amazing talent of making every single dish taste exactly the same.

My husband was encouraging enough, well, because he also loves to eat and didn’t even know to make a cup of tea back them.

Slowly I started making all types of food I love to eat or my husband and then started making dishes that we would usually order from restaurant to justify my curiosity.

So, It’s no rocket science. Everybody can cook and make it taste good if they want to. Sure, you might face some challenges, and it might not turn out restaurant quality in first try, just try again. I don’t follow any recipe to the t, and I try to put my thought and imagination to every dish I cook.

Last, but not the least, whether you are a guy or a girl, you don’t really have to cook. It’s totally your choice. Do it if you really want to. Don’t let others force you into it.

Hope you enjoy the recipes. Write to me at pithepayeshpie@gmail.com